Pre-compressed, acrylic impregnated, polyurethane foam. Seals against weather, moisture, vapor, sounds, air and dust.  Remains flexible to move between similar and dissimilar materials.

Material comes in a pre-compressed state. Upon removal of release liner, product will expand to its full thickness.

The Philosophy of Construction Sealants:

Construction sealants provide impermeable barriers to the external environment, wind, snow, salt water and rain. The seal prevents the penetration of the environment into the watercraft, directly or indirectly.

There are many problems with the consistency of this type of barrier concerning maintenance and life of the seal, because of the expansion and contraction of the seal. Consider reversing the philosophy of the exterior penetrating to the interior: the interior passing to the exterior.

As the interior pressures are higher than the exterior pressures, Supremaseal allows vapors to escape while holding the exterior environment out, creating a breathable seal. A hermetic seal on the exterior surface prevents infiltration of all environmental forces. A hermetic seal allows a minor absorption of moisture, when conditions permit slowly releasing the moisture through evaporation.

When Supremaseal is compressed 80% it becomes a Total Environmental Protection barrier. It can used in a variety of other applications beyond water infiltration.

The Technology behind Supremaseal :

Supremaseal is unique from all other sealants with its flame retardant acrylic polymer impregnation. Other sealants are impregnated with a wax or asphalt substance that will change with the external temperatures. The water-repellant polymer in Supremaseal will never ooze out, give off an offensive odor, or fail during extreme thermal variances.

Supremaseal will retain its flexibility and continue to expand and contract for the life of the vessel. Supremaseal will not dry out, shrink, crack or deteriorate. It has been engineered to be used between similar and dissimilar surfaces, rough or irregular material surfaces. Here's how:

The cells being flattened under pressure create layers of waterproof polymer that constrict with falling temperatures, and expand with the rising temperatures giving a full time, flexible seal unlike any other.

Expansion time can be accelerated by applying heat from a heat gun or a simple blow dryer, or slowed by cooling Supremaseal in a refrigerated area or with dry ice in a cooler.

Supremaseal is available in rolls ranging from 3/8" wide to 45" wide with an expansion size of 1/4" to 6", as well as being available in die cut gaskets to fit any application. It is available in smaller retail packed rolls for the "do it yourselfer" in your retail sales department as well.

Supremaseal has been specifically designed for the discrete builder who simply can not have a water infiltration issue.




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